ESP Tower

In his capacity as a security consultant, Brian has created many unique technological solutions for his clients.

ESP Towers

ESP towers are self-contained and fully-customizable. They are designed specificially for zones that are isolated or that stretch over a large geographic area.

The towers were covered in Commercial Integrator Magazine and Security Today magazines.

The towers were designed for resistance to vandalism with no external wiring and the use of security bolts and other secret methods to ensure maximum durability from tampering. The heart of the ESP tower is a DVR designed specifically for cold start ups, low power drain and Internet connectivity. The eyes of the system are two day/night infrared vandal-proof dome cameras.

The beauty of the tower is that the DVR and cameras can be accessed through the Internet and can support multiple users in various locations simultaneously. When the tower detects a perimeter breach, users are alerted via e-mail or text messaging.

At the core of the system is the software platform with which users can pull up all the towers on a map and see what is occurring if an alarm is set off. This type of centralized control is essential for a having a real-time picture of the wind farm area.

The towers are powered via solar panels and batteries rather than generators and fossil fuels, which means the system is as green as the energy fields it protects.

Verizon Security Camera Wild Hog Management System

Brian Levy helped design hog trap for the state of Tennessee

Brian Levy worked on a revolutionary design for a wild hog trap. The state of Tennessee needed a trap that would not tie down personnel. Here's how Brian's design works: The device was a motion detector that would be highly reliable with no false alarms in an outdoor environment. The detector was built from two infrared sensors linked to an Arduino micro-control. The motion detector used a form of complex intelligent comparison to evaluate if a pig was in range or not.