Brian Levy Consulting

Brian has 20 years in the technology industry and sees each project as an opportunity to solve real world problems with mission critical engineering.

Brian Levy's technological experience makes him uniquely qualified to assist his clients in creating practical solutions to difficult problems. From protecting wind energy towers from vandalism to combining existing technologies and creating something entirely new, Brian is always innovating and improving.

Security Assessment

Brian Levy offers full security assessments for commercial and industrial sites. He analyzes existing infrastructure and evaluates security flaws and potential threats. He travels to the desired site and surveys the entire facility, examining its current security level and identifying potential security issues. The results of this assessment are documented in an Assessment Specification, which outlines his findings and site suggestions. This document includes specific and detailed information regarding defined threats both internal and external, including perimeter strength, surveillance and sensor systems, response capabilities, and more.

The next phase is a Site Security Implementation Plan (SSIP). Based on his findings in the assessment phase, Brian Levy developes and designs a complete security strategy in order to address the site's unique requirements and the client's concerns. This strategy document (SSIP) will outline what practical steps need to be taken to secure the company's site from assessed threats with both physical and electronic countermeasures. The document is usually very detailed and functions as a project bible for the final security implementation.

Once the SSIP has been completed and approved, Brian can act as on-going consultant, working with the client to manage and watch over the actual implementation of all security projects. We can consult either in an oversight capacity, working with the client to ensure the ultimate success of any security project. This consulting can range from high-level advice to engineering and or project management services.