Article appeared in the March 2013 issue of CEPro Magazine.

Better than Giant Robots

While many smartphones display real-time video from their respective DVR/NVRs, the overall experience is a passive one. You click and watch and you can see what happens as it happens. That about sums it up. But, in truth, that’s all changing. Apps are getting smarter and now there is a nifty new technology called Push Alerts. Push Alerts is an ingenious version of the proverbial “old school” alarm out feature. The security user once got an open circuit from the DVR, which could trigger a relay, much like a "Rube Goldberg" machine. The relay would set off an alarm to potentially scare the bad guys. 

There is now something better. The new Push Alerts work as if you have a tiny security guard sitting in your DVR in your business or home watching your cameras for you and the best part is he doesn’t collect a paycheck or eat all your goodies out of the fridge.

The people who built my DVR/NVR gave it the ability to communicate and talk to my smartphone in real-time. It doesn’t just alert me when something is wrong. When I click on the screen alert, it actually plays the video that set off the alarm. It's as if the DVR has what appears to be a powerful artificial intelligence that is so smart it can detect movement when there should be none. Then I get a notice on my smartphone screen telling me to act.

With a quick swipe of acknowledgement on my smart phone’s screen, my NVR/DVR streams the offending video clip of what’s occurred. Then I can determine if I need to call law enforcement or not. It’s obvious to the well-traveled app user if their surveillance app is up to par in today’s large security market. Without Push Alerts I would start to consider a new product path.  

Imagine waking up one night due to the audible beep that something is wrong back at the ranch and through tired and bleary eyes you are able to determine if an intrusion is taking place or not. And better yet, you don’t need to go searching through hours of video to find the worrisome moment. With Push Alerts, you have it delivered the instant you ask for it. No more searching, no more clicking here and there.  With the efficiency of a stealth bomber, your smart phone has been transformed from a simple data computer capable of texts and tweets into a tactical command center that has your back day and night.

Push Alerts is the beginning salvo, a burst of communication, which extends your tactical awareness out to your business or home environment without requiring a team of security staff. The smartphone is no longer just your video conduit, but your situational awareness tool making sure you never lose a step in protecting your property. One day we may have giant robots standing guard over our money and jewels, but for now Push Alerts is almost better.