Brian has 20 years in the technology industry and sees each project as an opportunity to solve real world problems with mission critical engineering.

My focus is on consulting and implementing large scale security projects. I currently work with industrial companies seeking comprehensive security products and solutions. My clients include several power companies, mines, and large institutions. I have also developed custom products for these clients in order to protect large areas via surveillance, sensors, and microwave technologies. Many of my products are standalone systems which run on battery and solar energy and communicate via the Internet back to a central control interfaces.

Specialties: Security strategy, surveillance and alarm technologies, custom product development, wireless systems, network design, client/server integration, security software, fiber and coax design


Ham radio

One of Brian's passions is his involvement with ham radio. In addition to having the largest magnetic loop site on the internet, Brian volunteers his radio skills in the event of emergencies.



Software Design


Research and Development


Brian Levy

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